How do I know if my sofa is ready for a clean?

Sep 8, 2014 / Posted By Victoria Jordison

At TopMark Cleaning we are regularly asked how often upholstered furniture needs cleaning, and it can be quite a tricky question to answer.

We obviously recommend a regular cleaning program, as the benefits of having your upholstery cleaned not only include a healthier, safer environment for those with allergies to things such as dust mites, pollens and other allergens that live beneath the surface of the fabric, but your furniture will also last longer. This will save you money on large purchases in the long run.

Check out a few tests you can do to see if your furniture is ready for a clean from TopMark cleaning:

Give it a pat

This may sound very simple but you would be amazed at what you will see. Give each part of your sofa a good pat- four or five times will do- to agitate any dust or dirt. If you get a bit of a cloud than this is an indication it needs a clean. It’s easy to see dust on a shelf, but often in upholstery, it is hidden, disguised and deeply embedded.

Scratch and sniff

Odours cling to fabric like they are best friends. Unfortunately, this can have a very unpleasant result- an odour cocktail of pets, people and food! Scratch a patch and sniff long and hard. If you don’t need to get too close to get a whiff then you know it’s time to have a professional clean.

The cloth tests

  1. Use a damp piece of clean white cotton or muslin cloth and gently rub onto the surface of the fabric. After a few circular motions over the fabric, lift up and have a look at your cloth. Is it still white?
  2. Another great test is to use a dry piece of white cloth and secure it on to a hoover attachment nozzle with an elastic band. Vacuum up and down your sofa cushions slowly with the cloth touching the upholstery. After you’ve gone over all of the cushions, remove the cloth. If the cloth is marked or dirty in any way then it’s time for a clean.

What exactly is it we are cleaning?

Dirt, grime, dust and stains are all quite ambiguous terms for what we clean from you upholstery. But what are they really? In every household we go to, the stains are different, it could be pens, food, drinks, makeup, fabric dye transfer from clothes, dirt from the garden, DIY mishaps… the list is endless. The human body not only produces oils to protect your skin that leaves greasy marks, but your body also replaces skin cells every thirty days. Imagine the entire surface of your skin shedding into your home, workplace and car, and then multiply that by the number of people in your family home. Now think back to when you last had your sofa cleaned? These cells attract nasty bugs that make a meal out of your dust and can cause harmful allergic reactions to your family members, as well as unpleasant appearances and smells.

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Written By: Victoria Jordison

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